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312 Defect-assisted transformation to regulate sodium-ion electrode functionality
X. Jin,† T. Lee,† A. Soon,* and S.-J. Hwang*


311 Fine-control of bond covalency to stabilize the oxygen redox behavior of lithium-rich layered oxides
T.-H. Gu, H. Jang, X. Jin, H. Park, M. G. Kim,* J. Kim,* and S.-J. Hwang*


310 Boride-induced phase tuning of defect-introduced MoS₂ nanosheets to boost electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
D. W. Lee,† X. Jin,†* S. Y. Yun, and S.-J. Hwang*
J. Mater. Chem. A (IF=11.9), Royal Society of Chemistry, revised

Invited for the special issue "RSC Fellows Collection"

309 Defect-regulated two-dimensional superlattice of holey g-C₃N₄–TiO₂ nanohybrids: contrasting influence of vacancy content on hybridization impact and photocatalyst performance
N. H. Kwon,† J. Park,† X. Jin, S.-J. Kim, H. Kim,* and S.-J. Hwang*
ACS Nano (IF=18.027), American Chemical Society, revised


308 Optimization of oxygen evolution electrocatalytic activity of metal oxide nanosheet via surface modification
H. b. M. Sidek, J. Lee, X. Jin, S.-J. Hwang*
Bull. Kor. Chem. Soc. (IF=1.71), revised

Invited for the special issue "Recent Advancement in Materials Chemistry: Structure, Property, and Function"

307 Atomically-thin holey 2D nanosheets of defect-engineered MoN–Mo₅N₆ composites as effective hybridization matrice
J. Lee,† J. Lee,† X. Jin, H. Kim,* and S.-J. Hwang*
Small (IF=13.3), Wiley VCH, in press


306 Highly accessible dual-metal atomic pairs for enhancing oxygen redox reaction in zinc-air batteries
X. Ao,† L. Li,† S. Y. Yun, Y. Deng, W. Yoon, P. Wang, X. Jin, L. Dai, C. Wang,* and S.-J. Hwang*
Nano Energy (IF=17.60), Elsevier, in press
305 Parylene-coated SiO₂ aerogel with controlled thermal conductivity
Z. Song, M.-J. Kim, J.-H. Park, T. G. Yun, S.-J. Hwang, M.-J. Kang, H.-H. Park, and J.-C. Pyun*
Mater. Today Commun. (IF = 3.662), 36, 106689, 2023/08, Elsevier, published


304 High efficacy of substrate dimensionality control in optimizing the specific capacitance and phase stability of hybridized nanostructures
Y. H. Park, S. B. Patil, X. Jin* and S.-J. Hwang*
Nano Energy (IF=17.60), 113, 108566, 2023/08, Elsevier, published


303 Cooperation between dual metal atoms and nanoclusters enhances activity and stability for oxygen reduction and evolution
Z. Wang,*† X. Jin,† R. Xu, Z. Yang, S. Ma, T. Yan, C. Zhu, J. Fang, Y. Liu, S.-J. Hwang,* Z. Pan,* and H. J. Fan*
ACS Nano (IF=18.027), 17, 8622-8633, 2023/05/09, American Chemical Society, published


302 Preparation of carbon nitride nanotubes with P-doping and their photocatalytic properties for hydrogen evolution
D. Jang,† S. Lee,† N. H. Kwon,† T. Kim, S. Park, K. Y. Jang, E. Yoon, S. Choi, J. Han, T.-W. Lee, J. Kim, S.-J. Hwang,* and S. Park*
Carbon (IF=11.307), 208, 290-302, 2023/05, Elsevier, published


301 Advances in dielectric performance of atomically engineered Sr1.8Bi0.2Nb3O10 perovskite nanosheet thin films
H. Yim, S. Y. Yoo, H. Choi, H. J. Chang, S.-J. Hwang, S. Nahm, M. Osada, J.-W. Choi*
J. Alloys Compd. (IF=5.316), 925, 166606, 2022/12/05, Elsevier, published


300 Monolayer graphitic carbon nitride as metal-free catalyst with enhanced performance in photo- and electro-catalysis
H. Piao, G. Choi, X. Jin, S.-J. Hwang, Y. J. Song, S.-P. Cho,* and J.-H. Choy*
Nano-Micro Lett. (IF= 23.655), 14, 55, 2022/12, Springer, published
299 High-performance Sb₂S₃ photoanode enabling iodide oxidation reaction for unbiased photoelectrochemical solar fuel production
Y. S. Park, X. Jin, J. Tan, H. Lee, J. Yun, S. Ma, G. Jang, T. Kim, S. G. Shim, K. Kim, J. Lee, C. U. Lee, S.-J. Hwang,* and J. Moon*
Energy Environ. Sci. (IF= 39.714), 15, 4725-4737, 2022/11/01, Royal Society of Chemistry, published
298 Atomically thin holey two-dimensional Ru₂P nanosheets for enhanced hydrogen evolution electrocatalysis
X. Jin,† H. Jang,† N. Jarulertwathana, M. G. Kim,* and S.-J. Hwang*
ACS Nano (IF=18.027), 16(10), 16452-16461, 2022/10/25, American Chemical Society, published
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