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3 Study on the structural and photocatalytic properties for pore size tailored SnO2-pillared layered titanate nanohybrids
J. -E. Ko, I. Y. Kim, S. -J. Hwang, and H. Jung,*
J. Nanosci. Nanotech., 11, 1726-1729, 2011/02/01, American Scientific Publishers, published


2 Phosphate-intercalated Ca-Fe-layered double hydroxides: crystal structure, bonding character, and release kinetics of phosphate
M. A Woo, T. W. Kim, M. J. Paek, H. -W. Ha, and S. -J. Hwang,*
J. Solid State Chem., 184, 171-176, 2011/01/01, Elsevier Sciences, published


1 UV screening of ferulic acid-zinc basic salt nanohybrid with controlled release rate
T. Biswick, D. -H. Park, Y. -G. Shul, S. -J. Hwang, and J. -H. Choy,*
J. Nanosci. Nanotech., 11, 413-416, 2011/01/01, American Scientific Publishers, published


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