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300 Defective holey 2D nanosheets for enhanced electrocatalysis
X. Jin,† H. Jang,† N. Jarulertwathana, M. G. Kim,* and S.-J. Hwang*

299 Redox-driven strong interfacial interactions for efficient oxygen reduction electrocatalysis
M.-S. Kim,† T.-H. Gu,† S. Park,† T. Kim, Y. K. Jo, Y. K. Jeong,* J. K. Park,* and S.-J. Hwang*

298 Advances in dielectric performance of atomically engineered perovskite nanosheet thin films
H. Yim, S. Y. Yoo, H. Choi, H. J. Chang, S.-J. Hwang, S. Nahm, M. Osada, and J.-W. Choi*
297 High-performance Sb₂S₃ photoanode enabling iodide oxidation reaction for unbiased photoelectrochemical solar fuel production
Y. S. Park, X. Jin, J. Tan, H. Lee, J. Yun, S. Ma, T. Kim, S. G. Shim, K. Kim, J. Lee, C. U. Lee, S.-J. Hwang,* and J. Moon*
Energy Environ. Sci. (IF= 38.532), Royal Society of Chemistry, revised
296 Beneficial roles of monolayered RuO₂ nanosheets and Co²⁺ ion linkers in improving the electrocatalyst performance of MoS₂ nanoflowers
H. B. M. Sidek, S. Y. Yun, X. Jin, and S.-J. Hwang*
Energy & Fuels (IF=3.605), American Chemical Society, in press

Invited for the special issue "2022 Pioneers in Energy Research"

295 A one-pot carbon-coating−ex-solution route to efficient Ru–MnO@C nanowire electrocatalysts with enhanced interfacial interactions
S. Y. Yun, X. Jin,* and S.-J. Hwang*
Chem. Eng. J. (IF= 13.273), 446, 136816, 2022/10/15, Elsevier, published

294 A crucial role of enhanced Volmer−Tafel mechanism in improving the electrocatalytic activity via synergetic optimization of host, interlayer, and surface features of 2D nanosheets
H. K. Kim,† H. Jang,† X. Jin,* M. G. Kim,* and S.-J. Hwang*
Appl. Catal. B: Environ. (IF=19.503), 312, 121391, 2022/09/05, Elsevier, published


293 Water-assisted formation of amine-bridged carbon nitride: a structural insight into the photocatalytic performance for H₂ evolution under visible light
D. Jang, S. Choi, N. H. Kwon, K. Y. Jang, S. Lee, T.-W. Lee, S.-J. Hwang, H. Kim, J. Kim,* and S. Park*
Appl. Catal. B: Environ. (IF=19.503), 310, 121313, 2022/08/05, Elsevier, published
292 Composition-controlled ultrathin holey TiO₁₋ₓNₓ nanosheets as powerful hybridization matrices for highly mass-efficient electrocatalysts
X. Jin,† K.-G. Lee,† T. Lee,† G. Lee, S. M. Oh, A. Soon,* and S.-J. Hwang*
Chem. Eng. J. (IF= 13.273), 437, 135415, 2022/06/01, Elsevier, published
291 Monolayer graphitic carbon nitride as metal-free catalyst with enhanced performance in photo- and electro-catalysis
H. Piao, G. Choi, X. Jin, S.-J. Hwang, Y. J. Song, S.-P. Cho,* and J.-H. Choy*
Nano-Micro Lett. (IF= 16.419), 14, 55, 2022/02/03, Springer, published
290 Multilayer conductive hybrid nanosheets as versatile hybridization matrices for optimizing the defect structure, structural ordering, and energy-functionality of nanostructured materials
N. H. Kwon, X. Jin, S.-J. Kim, H. Kim*, and S.-J. Hwang*
Adv. Sci. (IF= 16.806), 9(2), 2103042, 2022/01/14, Wiley VCH, published
289 In situ defect engineering route to optimize the cationic redox activity of layered double hydroxide nanosheet via strong electronic coupling with holey substrate
X. Jin,† T. Lee,† W. Tamakloe,† S. B. Patil, A. Soon*, Y.-M. Kang*, and S.-J. Hwang*
Adv. Sci. (IF= 16.806), 9(1), 2103368, 2022/01/05, Wiley VCH, published
288 Atomically dispersed Co₂-N₆ and Fe-N₄ costructures boost oxygen reduction reaction in both alkaline and acidic media
Z. Wang, X. Jin, C. Zhu, Y. Liu, H. Tan, R. Xi, Y. Zhang, L. Zhou, Z. Liu, S.-J. Hwang*, and H. J. Fan*
Adv. Mater. (IF=30.849), 33(49), 2104718, 2021/12/09, Wiley VCH, published
287 Complementary combinative strategy of defect engineering and graphene coupling for efficient energy-functional materials
M. Kim, Y. H. Park, M. H. Kim, X. Jin*, and S.-J. Hwang*
Chem. Asian J. (IF= 4.568), 16(2), 3937-3943, 2021/12/01, Wiley VCH, published

Invited for the special collection celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Korean Chemical Society  

286 Synergetic advantages of atomically-coupled 2D inorganic and graphene nanosheets as versatile building blocks for diverse functional nanohybrids
X. Jin, T.-H. Gu, N. H. Kwon, and S.-J. Hwang*
Adv. Mater. (IF=30.849), 33(47), 2005922, 2021/11/25, Wiley VCH, published
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