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19 Ordered mesoporous C₃N₅ with a combined triazole and triazine framework and its graphene hybrids
I. Y. Kim, S. Kim, X. Jin, S. Premkumar, G. Chandra, N. -S. Lee, G. P. Mane, S. -J. Hwang, S. Umapathy, and A. Vinu*
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (IF=12.257), 57, 17135-17140, 2018/12/21, Wiley, published


18 Two-dimensional layered hydroxide nanoporous nanohybrids pillared with zero-dimensional polyoxovanadate nanoclusters for enhanced water oxidation catalysis
J. L. Gunjakar, A. I. Inamdar, B. Hou, S. Cha, S. M. Pawar, A. T. A. Ahmed, H. S. Chavan, J. Kim, S. Cho, S. Lee, Y. Jo, S. -J. Hwang, H. Kim, and H. Im*
Small (IF=10.856), 14 (49), 1703481, 2018/12/06, Wiley, published


17 α-MnO₂ nanowire-anchored highly oxidized cluster as a catalyst for Li-O₂ batteries: superior electrocatalytic activity and high functionality
T.-H. Gu,† D. A. Agyeman,† S.-J. Shin, X. Jin, J. M. Lee, H. Kim, Y.-M. Kang,* and S.-J. Hwang*
Angew. Chem. Int'l Ed. (IF=12.257), 57, 15984-15989, 2018/12/03, Wiley, published

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16 Co²⁺-doping of magic-sized CdSe clusters: structural insights via ligand field transitions
J. Yang, F. Muckel, B. K. Choi, S. Lorenz, I. Y. Kim, J. Ackermann, H. Chang, T, Priesner, V. Kale, S.-J. Hwang, G. Bacher, and T. Hyeon*
Nano Lett. (IF=12.279), 18 (11), 7350–735, 2018/11/14, American Chemical Society, published


15 An effective way to improve bifunctional electrocatalyst activity of manganese oxide via control of bond competition
B. Kang,† X. Jin,† S. M. Oh, S. Patil, M. G. Kim, S. H. Kim, and S. -J. Hwang*
Appl. Catal. B: Environ (IF=14.229), 236, 107-116, 2018/11/15, ELSEVIER, published


14 Superior role of MXene nanosheet as hybridization matrix over graphene in enhancing interfacial electronic coupling and functionalities of metal oxide
X. Jin, S.-J. Shin, N. Kim, B. Kang, H. Piao, J.-H. Choy, H. Kim,* and S.-J. Hwang*
Nano Energy (IF=15.548), 53, 841-848, 2018/11, Elsevier, published
13 Critical role of the chemical environment of interlayer Na sites: an effective way to improve the Na ion electrode activity of layered titanate
M. Piao,† S. M. Oh,† J. Lim,† S. H. Kim, S.-C. Kim, Y. K. Jo, O. H. Han*, and S. -J. Hwang*
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (IF=8.456), 10 (39), 33112–33123, 2018/10/03, American Chemical Society, published


12 Application of exfoliated inorganic nanosheets for strongly-coupled hybrid photocatalysts
S.-C. Kim, M. S. Islam, and S.-J. Hwang*
Sol. RRL, 2, 1800092, 2018/9, Wiley, published
11 Heterolayered 2D nanohybrids of uniformly-stacked transition metal dichalcogenide-transition metal oxide monolayers with improved energy-related functionalities
X. Jin, S.-J. Shin, J. Kim, N.-S. Lee, H. Kim, and S.-J. Hwang*
J. Mater. Chem. A (IF=10.733), 6 (31), 15237-15244, 2018/08/21, Royal Society of Chemistry, published


10 A rational method to kinetically control the rate-determining step to explore efficient electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
N. H. Kwon,† M. Kim,† X. Jin, J. Lim, I. Y. Kim, N. -S. Lee, H. Kim,* and S. -J. Hwang*
NPG Asia Mater. (IF=8.052), 10, 659-669, 2018/07/23, Nature Publishing Group, published

Selected as a Featured Article

9 Understanding the crucial role of local crystal order in electrocatalytic activity of crystalline manganese oxide
J. M. Lee, S. B. Patil, B. Kang, S. Lee, M. G. Kim, and S. -J. Hwang*
J. Mater. Chem. A (IF=10.733), 6 (26), 12565-12573, 2018/07/14, Royal Society of Chemistry, published

8 One-pot synthesis of layered double hydroxide hollow nanospheres with ultrafast removal efficiency for heavy metal ions and organic contaminants
M. Mubarak, H. Jeon, Md. S. Islam, C. Yoon, J. S. Bae, S. -J. Hwang, W. S. Choi, and H. -J. Lee
Chemosphere (IF=5.108), 201, p 676-686, 2018/06, ELSEVIER, published
7 Holey 2D nanosheets of low-valent manganese oxides with an excellent oxygen catalytic activity and a high functionality as a catalyst for Li-O₂ batteries
K. Adpakpang,† S. M. Oh,† D. A. Agyeman,† X. Jin, N. Jarulertwathana, I. Y. Kim, T. Sarakonsri, Y.-M. Kang,* and S.-J.Hwang*
Adv. Funct. Mater. (IF=15.621), 28, 1707106, 2018/04/25, Wiley VCH, published

Selected as an Inside Back Cover paper

6 Recent applications of 2D inorganic nanosheets for emerging energy storage system
S. M. Oh, S. B. Patil, X. Jin, and S. -J. Hwang*
Chem. Eur. J. (IF=5.160), 24, 4757-4773, 2018/04/03, Wiley VCH, published

Selected as a Frontispiece paper

5 Bifunctional 2D superlattice electrocatalysts of layered double hydroxide-transition metal dichalcogenide active for overall water splitting
M. S. Islam,† M. Kim,† X. Jin, S. M. Oh, N. -S. Lee, H. Kim,* and S. -J. Hwang*
ACS Energy Lett. (IF=16.331), 3, p 952–960, 2018/04/13, American Chemical Society, published


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