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11 Unique bi-directional coordinative interaction of 2D inorganic nanosheet with Prussian blue nanocrystal for optimizing its functionality
X. Jin, S. Y. Son, M. G. Kim, and S.-J. Hwang*
Nano Energy (IF=17.881), 78, 105255, 2020/12, Elsevier, published
10 Monolayered g-C₃N₄ nanosheet as an emerging cationic building block for bifunctional 2D superlattice hybrid catalysts with controlled defect structures
N. H. Kwon,† S.-J. Shin,† X. Jin, Y. Jung, G.-S. Hwang, H. Kim,* and S.-J. Hwang*
Appl. Catal. B: Environ. (IF=19.503), 277, 119191, 2020/11/15, Elsevier, published


9 2D inorganic nanosheets as versatile building blocks for hybrid electrode materials for supercapacitor
T.-H. Gu,† N. H. Kwon,† K.-G. Lee, X. Jin, and S.-J. Hwang*
Coord. Chem. Rev. (IF=22.315), 421, 213439, 2020/10/15, Elsevier, published
8 Structural changes of 2D FeₓMn₁₋ₓO₂ nanosheets for low-temperature growth of carbon nanotubes
J. Lim,* X. Jin, S. -J. Hwang,* and C. Scheu
Adv. Funct. Mater. (IF=18.808), 30 (36), 2003849, 2020/09/03, Wiley VCH, published
7 Unique advantages of 2D inorganic nanosheets in exploring high-performance electrocatalysts: synthesis, application, and perspective
X. Jin, T.-H. Gu, K.-G. Lee, M. J. Kim, M. S. Islam, and S.-J. Hwang*
Coord. Chem. Rev. (IF=22.315), 415, 213280, 2020/07/15, Elsevier, published
6 Interstratified heterostructures of metal hydroxide nanoclusters and MoS₂ monolayers with improved performance
T.-H. Gu,† J. Kim,† S. M. Oh, X. Jin, and S.-J. Hwang*
Nanoscale (IF=7.790), 12(21), 11759-11766, 2020/06/07, Royal Society of Chemistry, published
5 Recent advances in developing hybrid materials for sodium ion battery anodes
J. M. Lee, G. Singh, W. Cha, S. Kim, J. B. Yi, S. -J. Hwang, and A. Vinu*
ACS Energy Lett. (IF=23.101), 5, 1939-1966, 2020/05/18, American Chemical Society, published


4 Dramatic change of morphological, photophysical, and photocatalytic H₂ evolution properties of C₃N₄ materials by the removal of carbon impurities
H. Kim, D. G. Lim, N. H. Kwon, S. Son, S. Choi, J. Kim, S. -J. Hwang, and S. Park*
ACS Appl. Energy Mater. (IF=6.024), 3(5), 4812-4820, 2020/04/16, American Chemical Society, published
3 Synergistic control of structural disorder and surface bonding nature to optimize the functionality of manganese oxide as an electrocatalyst and a cathode for Li-O₂ batteries
X. Jin,† M. Park,† S.-J. Shin, Y. Jo, M. G. Kim, H. Kim, Y.-M. Kang,* and S.-J. Hwang*
Small (IF=13.281), 16(12), 1903265, 2020/03/26, Wiley, published

Selected as an Inside Front Cover paper  

2 Recent progress of 2D inorganic nanosheet-based supercapacitor electrodes
S. M. Oh and S.-J. Hwang*
J. Kor. Ceram. Soc., 57, 119-134, 2020/02/12, The Korean Ceramic Society, published
1 Crucial roles of interfacial coupling and oxygen defect in multifunctional 2D inorganic nanosheets
X. Jin,† D. A. Agyeman,† S. Kim,† Y. H. Kim, M. G. Kim, Y.-M. Kang*, and S.-J. Hwang*
Nano Energy (IF=17.881), 67, 104192, 2020/01, Elsevier, published
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