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8 Atomically dispersed Co₂-N₆ and Fe-N₄ costructures boost oxygen reduction reaction in both alkaline and acidic media
Z. Wang, X. Jin, C. Zhu, Y. Liu, H. Tan, R. Xi, Y. Zhang, L. Zhou, Z. Liu, S.-J. Hwang*, and H. J. Fan*
Adv. Mater. (IF=30.849), 33(49), 2104718, 2021/12/09, Wiley VCH, published
7 Complementary combinative strategy of defect engineering and graphene coupling for efficient energy-functional materials
M. Kim, Y. H. Park, M. H. Kim, X. Jin*, and S.-J. Hwang*
Chem. Asian J. (IF= 4.568), 16(2), 3937-3943, 2021/12/01, Wiley VCH, published

Invited for the special collection celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Korean Chemical Society  

6 Synergetic advantages of atomically-coupled 2D inorganic and graphene nanosheets as versatile building blocks for diverse functional nanohybrids
X. Jin, T.-H. Gu, N. H. Kwon, and S.-J. Hwang*
Adv. Mater. (IF=30.849), 33(47), 2005922, 2021/11/25, Wiley VCH, published
5 Lattice engineering to simultaneously control the defect/stacking structures of layered double hydroxide nanosheets to optimize their energy functionalities
N. Kim,† T.-H. Gu,† D. Shin,† X. Jin, H. Shin, M. G. Kim, H. Kim*, and S.-J. Hwang*
ACS Nano (IF=15.881), 15(5), 8306-8318, 2021/05/25, American Chemical Society, published

Selected as a Supplementary Cover paper 

4 Enhanced interfacial electron transfer between Thylakoids and RuO₂ nanosheets for photosynthetic energy harvesting
H. Hong,† J. M. Lee,† J. H. Yun, Y. J. Kim, S. Kim, H. Shin, H. S. Ahn, S. -J. Hwang,* and W. Ryu,*
Sci. Adv. (IF=14.136), 7(20), eabf2543, 2021/05/12, AAAS, published
3 MnO₂-based nanostructured materials for various energy applications
N. H. Kwon, K.-G. Lee, H. K. Kim, and S.-J. Hwang*
Mater. Chem. Front. (IF=6.482), 5, 3549-5375, 2021/05/07, Royal Society of Chemistry, published

Invited for the special issue "Functional materials for sustainable future-vision from Korea scientists" 

2 Molecular-level control of the intersheet distance and electronic coupling between 2D semiconducting and metallic nanosheets: establishing design rules for high-performance hybrid photocatalysts
T.-H. Gu, X. Jin, S.-J. Park, M. G. Kim, and S.-J. Hwang*
Adv. Sci. (IF= 16.806), 8(7), 2004530, 2021/04/07, Wiley VCH, published

Selected as a Frontispiece paper 

1 Synergetic hybridization effect of homogeneously-mixed inorganic and graphene nanosheets on the photocatalytic activity of semiconductor
N. H. Kwon, J. M. Lee, T.-H. Gu, X. Jin, and S.-J. Hwang*
Sol. RRL (IF=8.582), 5 (2), 2000411, 2021/02, Wiley VCH, published

Selected as a Back Cover paper 

Invited for the special issue "Solar Photocatalysis"  


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